Mel (makeitchemiccal) wrote in craving_perfect,

x-posted alot

I haven't actually posted in a while but I just posted to tell you guys I don't know when I will actually be around agian. For the past month I have basically starved myself by only drinking water and having 1/2 cup of chicken soup every four days.I know wiegh about 85 pounds, with of a BMI of about 15.5, my ultimate goal. But I am still not happy, which made me realize no matter how hard I try I will never be happy if I continue my life like this. I need control of my life, I need to get rid of this thing inside of me, this demon. I want to expirence life, I want to travel and love and live. So I have entered an Out-patient rehab facility, I wish you all the Best of Luck in your Lives.

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good luck in your recovery! you will never regret the choice that you have made!
good lcuk : )
that is SO amazing. you should be incredibly proud of yrself.
good luck and take care!!