comforting_lie (slim_twiggy) wrote in craving_perfect,

somedoby please help me im crying harder than i ever have. its been hours. i cant stop. im a fat disgusting pig. im scared. i dont want to be alone. i weaned myself off antidepressantas (effexor) not a good idea. anyone else hate strippers. i do. i hate stirp clubs. i hate what theyre for. my bf says he promises the only stripper he'll ever see is at his bachelor party. anyone else get bothered by fiances having strippers at bachelor parties? im scared.she'll touch him. he'll touch her back. she'll put her breatss in his face, he'll kiss her and lick her and she'll go down on them. what if they have sex? surely his friends will get him so bombed he won't even know what he's ddoing. thats the whole point. see one last babe who will do anything for you before you get to spend the rest of your life with the last lame fuck you'll ever have. unless your one of 60% of married men that cheat.

please tell me my boyfriend loves me. please tlel me its going to be ok. please tell me im not worthless. please tell me im loved. please tell me i can drop from 115 lbs to 100 by july 12th. please tlel me that at 5'1'' i can be beautiful. please tell me i can make him happy. please tell me i can stop crying.
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